Chicago Male Salon

Long ago, Chicago male salon had opened its doors to start spreading the love they have for their craft in the most professional way to their customers, and since that day, they had managed to keep their place on the top due to their expertise and to their loyalty to their customers. As technology developed, Chicago male salon had to make a good GMB profile to keep up with their competitors and to keep the reach easier for their customers, therefore, they had contacted our team to help them create the perfect GMB profile they deserve and together we were able to achieve that for them to guarantee their place among their competitors.

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The Challenge

As we started looking for issues and flaws about this GMB profile to pinpoint them and deal with them one by one. We started noticing that the profile was way too far away from discovery searches, more than we’d anticipated. And that is due to all the flaws and technical issues that are occurring at the website. Not to mention the low revenue rates of course. With no organic traffic, no good user experience, and a bunch of major technical issues, this GMB profile can never see the light of day. So we had to do something immediately.

Chicago Male Salon Before

The Strategy

The single most important and essential thing to start off with when you’re trying to boost a certain website or GMB profile or pretty much anything online is a little thing called keywords, and that’s exactly what we did. We started to gather all of the most important keywords with the highest traffic and relevancy to the business and started to use them as wisely as possible, each in its own perfect place at the right time. Phase two was adding the required tags or labels to make it easier for search engines and customers to find the business’s profile. In addition to that, we’ve implemented all of the informative descriptions that are needed to portrait a clearer image of what the business’s domain is and what it has to offer to its customers. At this point, the perfect next step for us was to do some post updates to be more engaged with the customers and to let them know what the business’s news is and what it’s been up to lately, and to keep the products promoted 24/7, we’ve also added some photos and videos to the mix to guarantee an instant traffic boost and crossed our fingers hoping for the best. To complement all of the above, we’ve optimized the photo section, product section, and services section and kept them updated around the clock. This was an essential last touch among other things we’ve done to guarantee that there’s no way on earth that this strategy will fail us.

The Results

After we were done with the hard work, the results were as follows, the discovery searches increased by 1350, the map views increased by 7372, and last but most certainly not least, the website actions increased by 113. The business’s GMB profile has much better visibility, traffic, and reach than it ever did before, with a better and more enjoyable experience for every single customer that joins the business’s family.

Chicago Male Salon After