Steadiwear is a new company that is using cutting-edge technology to design and create devices that helps everyone with an essential tremor problem to make their daily life easier for as much as they can. Therefore, they need a perfect GMB profile that makes reaching out to them easier and that would bring them closer to their customers and the overall community. We have teamed up together and helped them get what they wanted and deserved and proudly they have reached some remarkable results within a few months only.

Steadiwear Logo

The Challenge

The very first thing that caught our attention in this GMB profile as we were looking for its issues was the very low percentage of discovery searches and it came as a bit of a real challenge. But it wasn’t a total surprise because the business wasn’t doing so well online due to poor organic traffic rates, and all of the technical issues. Not to mention the revenue rates that were way too low as well so we had to think fast and smart about the whole process of bringing this profile back to life.

Steadiwear Before

The Strategy

First things first, we had to do an extensive analysis to find the perfect keywords because the organic traffic rates were in need of an instant boost to get the business back on track. These keywords were wisely used and well put in the process of optimizing the info section along with the labels or tags that we’ve used to give the people and the search engines a better understanding of what the company does and what it has to offer for its clients and targeted audience and to also make it easier for everyone to find which would enhance the business’s visibility and engagement. Then we went on to add more posts and updates to improve the customers’ experience by keeping them engaged with what the company does via photos and videos and daily updates all while keeping the products well promoted. To complement all of the above with the perfect cherry on top, we’ve finished our work with doing the perfect optimization for the photo section, services section, and products section to turn this GMB profile into a superstar who’s loved and trusted by millions of people across the globe.

The Results

In the end, the outcome of our master plan was as follows, within only a few months, the discovery searches increased by 149, the map views increased by 67, and as for the web actions, they increased by a total of 63. The business’s GMB profile is now much more visible than it ever used to be due to the great increase in brand awareness and organic traffic rates. And we can proudly say that this business is now a new tough competitor in the field of Parkinson’s disease devices and services.

Steadiwear After