Chicago Male Salon

Chicago male salon is one of the oldest male beauty salons in the business in its region. Due to its expertise and professionalism, this salon had managed to stay on the top and maintain its reputation as one of the elite’s finest salons. To guarantee their place on the top, Chicago male salon’s management team had contacted us to help them build the most perfect SEO plan to keep the traffic coming and to provide more people with their professional services. Hand in hand, we were able to keep the Chicago male salon’s star shining and were able to spread the love and passion that they have for their craft to more and more people every day.

Chicago Male Salon Logo

The Challenge

At the very beginning of this project, we’ve noticed that the business’s website had way too many major issues to mention. First of all, the bounce rate was at its highest, which meant that the users’ experience needed a ton of work and modifications. Not to mention that the website’s domain rate (DR) was very unstable and tended to be much lower than its competitors. In addition to that, the website had many technical issues that were standing in the way of the business like orphan pages, redirects, page errors, etc… and the single most major issue that was swallowing the business whole was the audience targeting issue. The wrong audience was being targeted and led to the website which had encouraged Google to decrease the website’s authority and strip it of its ranks because this problem made the website of no good use to anyone or anything, and that’s exactly how Google crawlers saw it.

Chicago Male Salon Before

The Strategy

As a start, we poured our focus and efforts into fixing the website’s flaws and errors mentioned above like orphan pages and redirects by performing the suitable and required site audits to put an end to these problems once and for all. We’ve fixed the bounce rate problem by optimizing it the right way, and we’ve updated the layout with a more aesthetically pleasing, more efficient, and more interesting one. Now that we’ve finished working on fixing everything related to the user’s experience along with the required website edits and optimizations by making the website a place worth visiting and revisiting, we were finally able to start leading the right audience to the right place by optimizing the content while making sure that it’s all SEO friendly, informative, fun, and interesting. Then we took the path of off-page optimization and stuck to the guidelines to try to get the search engines’ crawlers’ attention for as much as we can to gain higher rates and reach and more organic traffic.

The Results

After all the hard work, the right audience had finally found its way to the business’s website gaining the website more relevant and organic traffic. As for the bounce rate, we were able to decrease it to be ten times better than it used to be at the beginning of the project within a 2 months period. The user experience had improved remarkably which helped in stabilizing the domain rating of the website.

Chicago Male Salon After