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Laurier Optical is a professional eye care center where you can get the utmost care and attention for your eyes by a carefully hand-picked team of skilled and highly experienced eye doctors to attend to your vision care using nothing but the best high-quality medical tools and equipment. Laurier Optical was facing a bit of an issue getting the reach they want and deserve. Therefore, we’ve gathered our team of nerds and made them the master SEO plan they need to get to the top of the SERPs. We’re proud to announce that within a short period of time of applying our plan and strategy, Laurier Optical had reached its goals and still going for more.

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The Challenge

Here we were, going through our next mission. As usual, we started going back and forth through all the information along with everything that is related to the client’s website and overall business to put our fingers on the problems and issues that are standing in the way of letting this website shine and take the throne of the SERPs and we were very thorough because every minor hiccup counts. And we thought, hang on, something seems a bit off, the business’s domain rating (DR) was relatively high but still, there’s not enough traffic. So SEO speaking, the website was kind of doing fine but something was standing in the way. That’s when we discovered that the user experience was not a decent one due to the bad website’s layout, not to mention the translation errors of course. So we set off to work because we had a handful.

Laurier Optical Before

The Strategy

The very first essential thing that needed to be fixed was the user experience because it’s the thing that determines whether the visitor would ever come back again for more or not. We’ve replaced the layout with a more friendly one and solved the technical issues in the website along the way to guarantee that the website is ready to become a total banger among its visitors. After we’ve paved the way for the on-page optimization phase, the time for the on-page master plan has come. We started optimizing the content to be the new SEO favorite bestie, and we spread the good word through blogs that contain the best keywords which were used wisely each in its right place and form. And after we were done with all of that, we played the drum roll, crossed our fingers, and waited for the results.

The Results

Now that the drum roll is over, here are the results. Within a single month, the clients’ number increased by a total of 400 new clients, the website’s sessions increased by 500 new sessions, page views increased by 2000, and last but most certainly not least, wait for it, the revenue had a massive boost in a remarkably short period of time.

Laurier Optical After