Steadiwear is a company that was formed by people with a high passion for providing a helping hand for those in need. In a very remarkable period of time, Steadiwear was able to prove itself as the future of tremor-related devices. As a startup company, they definitely needed an SEO strategy to get them out there and help them get the recognition they deserve, and we’re proud to announce that within a few months of applying our master plan, they noticed the difference they were looking for.

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The Challenge

As a starting point, we’ve decided to sift through the entire website looking for every single mistake we can possibly find to have a better understanding of what we were dealing with and have a clearer picture of the situation of the website and its issues as a whole. The first thing that caught our attention was the competition that this website was facing. The competitors had managed to build a wide reputation for themselves in the field of Parkinson’s disease devices, while our client, Steadiwear, was still kind of new in the field and spreading their great job for a broader audience than the one they already had was a must. But before we went on to do so, we had to acknowledge the errors the website had and fix them all because some of them were a little too serious. For instance, a huge percentage of the website’s traffic was purely coming from paid services like ads on other websites or on search engines. In addition to that, user experience needed some enhancement because of technical errors and issues like orphan pages, redirects, and 4XX pages. So to sum it all up, we can say that our team had a lot of work to do.

Steadiwear Before

The Strategy

The first and most important step for us in phase one was to perform the required site audit to fix all of the issues and problems that we’ve stumbled upon. We took care of the orphan pages, redirects, and the 4XX pages and got them out of the way to clear the path for the steps in phase two which started by targeting the right and required audience for this website and working on the best ways to lead them to us and get their attention. The perfect option here was to start doing extensive keyword research and analysis to use them when optimizing the blogs and overall content. We started making informative and scientific content that is related to our client’s field of work while using all of the highest traffic and most relevant keywords in that content to become a reliable source of scientific information to start getting the targeted audience’s attention along with the search engines’ crawlers’ attention to get indexed as much as possible.

The Results

After we were done with the master plan, the website started receiving more relevant traffic from the required targeted audience than it ever did before due to a remarkable increase in brand awareness. And within only two months, Organic search traffic increased by 113%, and as for the revenue, it increased by 128% within the first four months.

Steadiwear After