SEO Case Studies

SEO is without a doubt the holy grail of the digital marketing business. It simply stands for(Search Engine Optimization). It’s the process of improving your business site to gain more traffic on search engines, like Google or Bing, for example, so your website would appear on the top of the search results whenever someone searches for something related to your business. The more visibility you have at the top of the search results, the more customers and followers your business will gain over time. So in short, it’s the process of improving the positioning and appearance of your website in organic search results.

Steadiwear logo

3.7% Increase in Search

With complete passion and devotion, the good people at Steadiwear had started this company to help everyone with essential tremor problems. Using cutting-edge technology, they were able to design and create devices that make the lives of people with tremor problems much easier and stress-free. We are thrilled that we’ve had the chance to take part in growing their business and spreading their love to a broader community

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Chicago Male Salon logo

151.56% Increase in Search

When a salon has been around for as much as this one has, you know for sure that there’s true love, loyalty, passion, and respect in what they do. With growing expertise among its professional team, the Chicago male salon has been able to provide better and better services every day. We had the honor of becoming a member of its family and together we have accomplished remarkable results concerning taking the salon’s website and GMB status to the next level.

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Laurier Optical logo

12.3% Increase in Search

Whatever the eye-related issue you are facing, Laurier Optical clinic will be the right helping hand you need for sure. Using nothing but the best technology and tools, the clinic’s professional team of doctors will use their expertise to solve any kind of issue you might have. Honorably, Laurier Optical had put their trust in us to take care of their SEO plan and we did not disappoint them at all. Our team of nerds had achieved remarkable results within an exceptional period of time.

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