Technical SEO

Enhance The Users’ Experience

We can use Technical SEO to improve the website performance by enhancing its speed, providing a friendly and fast loading design, and fixing content and connection-related issues.

How Do Search Engines think?

The best thing about search engines is that they don't think. Rather, they follow a static algorithm. This is a good thing because if we know the algorithm, then we can enhance our website.

Our team at SEO By Nerds will conduct a web analysis of your business website and provide a suggested plan to enhance the website performance. Technical SEO service includes crawling & indexing sitemaps, removing duplicate content, site structure, and a lot more. 

Our team will remove all the gaps to give the website more credibility by the search engine. This will give your website a push to be at the top of the ranking.

Technical Issues Matter

As much as content matters, it's not everything in the world of search engine optimization. We can have a great website with unique and original content but still not at the top of the search box. Search engines follow specific criteria to determine whether the website is trustworthy or not.

Following Up with Clients 

Here, at SEO By Nerds, we follow several methods and use modern techniques to get an accurate analysis of the website. We study the outcome data and determine the technical status.

After that, we develop a customized plan to fix the existing gaps and enhance the website performance. We follow up with our clients with monthly reports and work on an accurate schedule since we start working on the website and later on. Besides, we follow up with our clients even after this service for future consultants or other SEO services.

It's important to pay attention to technical websites issues, the same as creative and original content. Both of them have a role in your website ranking.