Website Speed Optimization

It's The Speed Era

The name of this era doesn't come from nothing. It's distinguished by speed. People don't have the luxury of time anymore to wait for your website to load!

Neither Search Engines!

High-resolution graphics, videos, music, slides, and other elements must be very catchy. Yet, it can be very harmful to some websites.

People are usually in a hurry when searching for information or services. They will follow the webpage that opens faster on their computer or mobile screen. All these fancy graphics will take a lot of time uploading, causing the site to be slow and the users to leave the page. 

Website speed can affect its ranking. When people leave your site before uploading, this session is calculated as a zero-time session. A lot of those sessions cause low ranking.

Let the Professional Nerdy Team Do It

Having a website with great content and fancy design but a slow loading speed is not effective. You need to provide the users with a fast entrance to reach the site, and here you should allow a skilled technical team to do the job. Here at SEO By Nerds, we know that our technical team can solve whatever issues come up.

Following Up with Clients

We can't underestimate the importance of website speed in enhancing the user experience. Besides, if you aspire to rank at the top of competitors, you should consider this service.

Here at SEO By Nerds, we provide a full website speed optimization service. Our service includes optimizing the website images and media, checking host effectiveness, applications usage, heavy widget usage, and a lot more. 

We also optimize the mobile copy of the website to ensure that the users have the perfect and most flexible experience.

Our technical team follows a fast and effective schedule and finishes our work on time with no delays.